Helmets designed for Planetside 2, a First Person Shooter and Massive Multiplayer Online video game. Both helmets began with a vague concept followed by a collage of inspirational images. I combined ideas from certain images into a dozen rough sketches. From there I drew onto a 3D model of a human head to get a sense of proportion and how my ideas would translate practically. At various points in the design process feedback from other helmet makers and the game’s art director helped steer my direction.

Once my concept was approved I started blocking out the helmet in a 3D program. I used Blender3D. Refinements of the design and mesh followed. Official textures were provided and could be sampled in a variety of ways on top of the model. Finally I put the finishing touches on the helmet using a program to preview and modify how the object would render inside their game engine. Nearly a year later, due to Sony selling Sony Online Entertainment and it becoming Daybreak Games, my designs landed in Planetside 2’s store.


“Once issued to Vanu messengers spreading the word of technological transcendence now serves as a grim reminder to enemy combatants of opportunities lost and the gruesome consequences to follow.”

This helmet needed to have an angelic, removed, eerie feel. Something an objective and unfeeling representative of this particular faction would wear to communicate their intellectual and spiritual superiority. I was influenced by ancient and Art Deco sculpture as well as the vacant eyes of Venetian masks.


“The Bodhi utilizes wetware grafting of sensory instruments to broaden the wearers awareness beyond human limitations at the cost of natural sight, smell, taste, hearing and epidermal integrity.”

I wanted this design to break away from the human form by shifting the bulk of the model forward and not suggesting the eyes, nose or mouth. One might imagine the player wearing it to be an alien, robot or just a mess of circuits and tissue underneath. I took inspiration from cyberpunk and virtual reality headsets.